What is the difference between the "Professional", "Artisan" or "Basic" versions?

  • Professional Versions: The Professional package is best suited for a small professional cabinetmaker.  This top-of-the-line version enables you to calculate total project costs for materials, hardware, labor and other charges such as delivery, installation, etc.
  • Artisan Versions: The Artisan package is very similar to the Professional version except it does not have the capability to calculate the cost of your project. This version is best suited for a non-professional cabinetmaker.
  • Basic Versions: The Basic package is budget priced and is fine for occasional cabinet work. This version is much smaller is scope that the Artisan versions. 

How many computers can I install the software on?

  • Two (2) registration key entitlements will be provided for each software product that you purchased. You may install this software on multiple computers if those computers are owned directly by the licensee who purchased the software. Each new software installation will require one of your registration key entitlements. If any of those computers crash - or you replace your hard drive or motherboard, or you reinstall your operating system – the computer will assign a new “computer ID” and a new registration key entitlement will be required to reinstall the software.

Will the 3D model in CabinetVIEW automatically create cutlists in CabinetCRUNCHER?

  • There is no direct interface between CabinetCRUNCHER and CabinetVIEW. In other words, a change in the 3D model will not automatically change the CabinetCRUNCHER spreadsheet (and vice versa).  The 3D modeling in CabinetVIEW is intended for visualization (overall cabinet concept, design and layout) while CabinetCRUNCHER is a cabinet/project calculator. For example, if you were to build a set of kitchen cabinets, you might start by building a room layout in SketchUp and add cabinet geometry using 3D models from the CabinetVIEW library.  In most cases, the cabinetmaker would not worry about modeling all the intricate construction details of each individual cabinet (or you could if desired but for many cabinetmakers that would be a waste of time since most cabinets are simple structures that are mostly repeated).  Once the overall project layout/design is decided and it's time to begin construction, the cabinetmaker would use CabinetCRUNCHER as a calculator to establish the detailed construction requirements for each cabinet and use the power of Excel to compile the cutlists and material requirements for the entire project.
  • The primary benefit of 3D modeling is to enable you to visualize your project prior to construction. Depending on your needs, you can construct 3D models that show a layout of all your cabinets in a room setting, or you can resolve basic cabinet construction issues by building a very detailed model showing actual joinery. In many cases, the cabinets in your project will use similar construction techniques therefore, we do not recommend that you spend too much time trying to be very precise all the details in your modeling. For example, once you've settled on your cabinet layout, and you've decided on your basic cabinet construction preferences, you probably will use the same basic cabinet construction for each cabinet in your project. Let's say that you are building a set of kitchen cabinets. Since most of your base and wall cabinets will be built in a very similar fashion, it would not be productive to create exact detailed construction models for each and every cabinet. This would be very time consuming. Those details can be easily established using CabinetCRUNCHER.

Do I need Microsoft Excel? Will it run on an Excel Starter Version?

  • Please see the Systems Requirements. The programs require a licenced version of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is typically bundled with Microsoft Office. You can find out if you have Excel on your computer by going to your control panel, select Programs,  select Programs and Features, look for Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel.
  • The programs ill not run on a Starter version or Trial Version of Microsoft Excel.

Error Message, "The program was unable to locate the registration key"

  • The registration key files were not installed in the correct location on your computer.  The registration key files must be installed on your (C:) root directory as described in the Installation Instructions.
  • The program was installed on a new (or different) computer.  In this case, a new registration key will be required to use the software.
  • The operating system was reinstalled on the computer, or the hard-drive or motherboard was replaced.  In this case, a new registration key will be required to use the software.

The software does not save your changes

  • You will need to adjust your security settings as noted in the Installation Instructions.

I purchased a new computer. How do I install the software on my new computer?

  • Contact Us and let us know. We will respond back with instructions to install the software.

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