DoorCRUNCHER Door Building Cutlist Software

A Powerful Cutlist Calculator for Building Custom Doors and Panels

Eliminate mathematical errors and build your doors correctly - the first time!

DoorCRUNCHER will automatically calculate the exact size and quantity of all door/panel components and produce a complete list of materials.

Compliment your woodworking project with
perfectly fitted doors, drawer fronts and custom end panels!

Door Building Software - Build a Wide Variety of Doors, Drawer Fronts & End Panels

  • Easy to build virtually any style of flat or raised panel door configuration
  • Build either overlay or inset doors using tenons or mitered rail and stile construction methods
  • Build any combination of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, end panels. You can even build entry doors!

Supports all Industry Standard Construction Techniques

  • Supports any type of routed or mitered rail and stile construction
  • Build flat, raised or solid panels using any type of material

Excellent Door Customization Capability

  • Customize your door to almost any specification you desire
  • Enables your to calculate door sizes based on cabinet opening sizes
  • Use any material type and thickness
  • Independently adjustable widths of rails and stiles
  • Adjustable location of center rails and stiles
  • Fully adjustable door overlays and insets
  • Adjustable gap between mating doors
  • Adjustable depth of dado in stiles and rails to accommodate door panels
  • Capability to adjust the size of the center panels to accommodate for panel fit and expansion
  • Specify any type of center panel material: wood, glass, stained glass panels, metal or any other material 

Complete List of Materials

  • Automatically calculates a total project list of materials. Calculates board footage, lineal footage and sheet quantities of all your stock.
  • Calculates "Rip Lengths" for your stiles and rails

Easy to Use

  • Creating cutlists for your custom doors is fast and easy
  • Incorporates simple point-and-click navigation between door menus and cutlist worksheets
  • Simply enter your specifications in the yellow highlighted fields and use the helpful on-screen comments to guide you along the way!

"WOW!!  My current job consists of 23 kitchen cabinets with end panels. I used to write out and do everything by hand, which took several hours. I just loaded in the doors and end panels into the Door/Drawer Cruncher and it calculated over 150 parts in seconds. Double checking measurements show everything is 100% accurate. What took hours now takes minutes!" Paul D.

Good Morning Tom - I wanted to thank you for helping me with the Door Cruncher the other day and I also want to say that I like the program very much.  You have managed to put together a very comprehensive application that encompasses almost every possible function needed. Thanks again for a great program. - Tom S.

Calculating exact sizes for cabinet doors can be tricky since it requires plenty of adding and subtracting. Miscalculations are often discovered after the wood has been cut. DoorCRUNCHER is designed to eliminate these mathematical errors so that you can build your doors correctly - the first time!

With DoorCRUNCHER, you can create a complete cutlist and list of materials for your entire project in minutes! 

DoorCRUNCHER will automatically calculate the exact size and quantity of all door/panel components and produce a complete list of materials.

DoorCRUNCHER provides a choice of a wide variety of overlay and inset doors, drawer fronts and end panel configurations.  Customize these configurations to almost any specification you require for your woodworking project!

Thank you so much for your quick response. I have everything up and running. WOW it is nice to have the horse power and the wide screen. I have two client meetings this next week and I know that the software will make it possible for me to present a professional estimate. - Scott

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