As an advanced amature woodworker, you have an outstanding product. Even though I am not a professional cabinet maker, it is nice to have the cost estimator to be able to play games with wood and hardware prices. - Roger M.

Thanks Tom - I can't tell you how important your cabinet software has become to my business. Thanks again for the support! - Morgan

Used it in Illinois where I’m building a summer home.  Questioned many of the dimensions but all turned out to be true.  Great job.  Saved me a lot of pencil time. - Bob B.

List of Doors

  • Automatically generates a list of all doors, drawer fronts & applied end panels.

Hardware List

  • Compiles a complete hardware list based on your assigned cost.

List of Materials

  • Automatically calculates the total material quantity and cost (cost feature is only available in the Professional versions).

Build thousands of combinations of cabinets using a wide variety of industry standard construction techniques!

... for large projects, let CabinetCRUNCHER lead the way  with

automatically generated Project Management Lists!

Love the tool! It has saved me hundreds of hours coming up with cut lists, and probably a couple hundred bucks in materials waste from the mistakes. Looking forward to using Cabinetview for all the cabinet making and built-ins that I have to do. - Adam W.

Thanks Tom, this has been a great tool for me and I have nothing but good results from using it. Keep up the good work. - Calvin M.

I used your product when I first retired, to make six cabinets for my wood workshop.  I really liked how it worked for me, and saved me some mental effort. After building the first cabinets, we did a lot of traveling, but now I'm ready to embark on new, modular units for our home office/computer room/hobby-crafts room. Thanks for helping me out. - Joe F.

Last year I bought a cutlist software program called Cabinet Cruncher in anticipation of my kitchen cabinet making project. This thing is great and so easy to use. It does all the figuring for you. It works on face frame and frameless cabinets. Also on doors and drawers. All you do is enter the cabinet dimensions and how wide the stiles and rails are that  you want etc and it gives you a complete cut list of all the pieces. It will tell you the board ft usage and lineal feet of the material you need. Last night I sat down at the computer and printed out my cutlists for each cabinet I will build build. Not measuring and adding and subtracting to get the pieces cut right. - Robert

I have been using cabinet cruncher for a long time and can not think of being without that wonderful cutlist software.  I use it in everything I build here in the shop.  Cabinet cruncher is one of the best programs I have purchased for building cabinets, furniture and other projects. Thanks again - Don S.

I’m an avid woodworker (hobby only) and an Engineer that does a lot of Excel VBA programming for a living and until I found your program I was about to create an Excel program to calculate cultists for the new kitchen cabinetry I’m building. I was please to find your program and see it in 3D using Sketchup (WOW what a program). -
Steve C.

CabinetCruncher cutlist software is a fantastic piece of work and exactly what I needed. Does the worst part of my woodworking: calculating dimensions. - Ed B.

Your cabinet cutlist software was exactly what I was looking for to help me build my own kitchen cabinets. Based on your recommendations, I also purchased the Festool saw and Kreg pocket hole equipment. This really worked well and like you was easier than I thought it would be. This was a great project and look forward to building more custom cabinets. Thanks again for all your help! - Jeff K

Three Easy Steps for a small project ... or

Are you a professional cabinetmaker or thinking

about getting into the business?

Designing and building custom cabinets can be tricky and time consuming. Miscalculations are often discovered after the components have been cut which results in extra cost and lost productivity.

CabinetCRUNCHER Cutlist Software is a collection of powerful Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for building custom cabinets, doors and drawers. These spreadsheets calculate the exact size and quantity of each cabinet component and produce a complete list of materials for your entire cabinet making project. CabinetCRUNCHER enables cabinetmakers and woodworkers of all experience levels to create thousands of combinations of cabinet configurations using a wide variety of industry-standard construction techniques!

CabinetCRUNCHER Cutlist Software is designed to simplify the cabinet making planning process and eliminate mathematical errors so that you can build your project correctly - the first time!

CabinetCRUNCHER Cutlist Software is available in face frame and frameless  versions.

  1. Choose a desired cabinet configuration from the menu screen. In this example, I choose a "2L-3R" which is any cabinet that has two (2) openings on the left side and three (3) openings on the right side.  Each opening can be any size and used for any purpose. For each opening, choose to install a single door, double door, drawers or leave it open for a media center or bookcase. Build it as a base cabinet, wall cabinet, built-in cabinet or any type of free-standing cabinet. Imagine the possibilities!
  2. Adjust the cabinet in the yellow fields. Details matter!  One project may vary from another therefore you need flexible building options.  The more details that are resolved prior to construction always produce the best results!
  3. Print the cutlist and go to the shop! The entire cabinet is engineered and ready for construction.  CabinetCRUNCHER will make you a better cabinetmaker!

List of Drawer Boxes

  • Automatically generates a list of all drawer boxes & slide-outs.

Extremely Flexible Construction Options!

  • Cabinetmakers build a variety of custom cabinets requiring lots of construction flexibility.  CabinetCRUNCHER is designed to build your cabinet using virtually any construction method.
  • You decide how to construct your boxes, build your face frames, install your doors and drawers. CabinetCRUNCHER will do all the engineering calculations for you.
  • Build high-quality custom cabinets to your specifications. If you are fairly new to cabinetmaking, contact us and we'll be happy to provide free consultation and recommendations. 

Get Organized, Save Time & Eliminate Costly Mistakes!

List of Cabinet Components

  • Produces an itemized report of all cabinet components on a single list.
  • You can filter, sort and arrange this list based on your preferences.

Cabinet Cutlist Software - Build a wide variety of custom kitchen cabinets, islands, vanities, storage & utility cabinets, bookcases, closet organizers, hutches, dressers,  entertainment centers, built-in furniture and many other custom woodworking projects!

Thanks for replying so quickly.  This is a neat little package you have - nice and simple and it takes care of the tedious math very well. I have 28 cabinets to plot out and I was not looking forward to redoing the calcs by hand every time I tweaked a cabinet size or changed my mind about how much overlay/reveal we wanted. -  John

Tom - Thanks. All works fine. I also want to let you know that earlier this year I used your cutlist software to design some kitchen pantry cabinets for my parents, and I must say I would not try to tackle a cabinet project without it (and Cutlist Plus for cutting optimization). The two programs work well together and remove most of the tedium, and eliminate much of the possibility of error. Both programs are straight forward and a pleasure to use. Thanks again. - Clint F.

CabinetCRUNCHER Cutlist Software

Simplify the planning process and build your project correctly- the first time!

I've owned Cruncher for quite a while now. Your cutlist software has saved me tons of time and it also gives me motivation in the planning stages of all my builds. Thank You -  Michael R.

Cabinet Design and Cutlist Software for Woodworkers and Cabinet Builders

Control your Costs and Build Your Business!

  • CabinetCRUNCHER Professional versions will calculate the total cost of your materials, labor, and other costs using the pricing and rates that you specify.
  • Create professional customer proposals and estimates using your project data.

List of Cabinets

  • Produces an itemized list of each cabinet in your project.