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Build thousands of cabinet configurations using a wide variety of industry standard construction techniques!
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Customize your Cabinets to your Construction Requirements!
CabinetCRUNCHER is a powerful cabinet cutlist calculator
offering more construction flexibility than any cabinet software available.
Attention to detail will provide professional results!

Build a wide variety of cabinets from the same cutlist template!

Quickly Adjust Cabinet Opening Sizes to any Shape or Purpose
Use your Imagination!
Build thousands of combinations of cabinet configurations using a wide variety of industry standard construction techniques!

CabinetCRUNCHER uses a unique naming convention for each various cabinet template. For example, a "2L+2R" template will build any cabinet that has two openings on the left ("2L") side of the cabinet and two openings on the right side ("2R").

The examples are a few ways to you see are a cabinets you "2L+2R" cabinet configuration. You'll notice that each of these examples have two opening on the right and left side of the cabinet. By adjusting the the overall size of the cabinet and the size of the cabinet openings, and then installing any combination of either fixed and/or removable shelves/partitions, you can create custom cabinets for almost any application.

Each of the cabinet openings can be designed for a variety of purposes. You can install single or double doors, use it for drawers, or leave it "open" for display, electronics, shelving, etc.

The example on the right illustrates how you can add a "fixed shelf" at the center rails to partition the upper and lower cabinet openings.

CabinetCRUNCHER and CabinetVIEW is designed to provide high flexibility that enables you to design and build almost any type of cabinet derivative.

What's New in Version 7 ...
  • Thousands of Cabinet Configurations

New cutlist features enable you to quickly adapt cutlists for a variety of custom kitchen cabinets, built-in cabinets, storage cabinets, bookcases, hutches, entertainment centers, closet organizers and more!

You'll be amazed how many cabinet derivatives you can create from each cutlist template.

  • Extremely Flexible Construction Options

Professional Cabinetmakers

Professional cabinetmakers build a variety of custom cabinets that requires lots of construction flexibility. Version 7 incorporates an extensive set of new cutlist functions that enable cabinetmakers to adjust their cabinets to practically any construction requirement! 

New "cutlist set-up" screen allows to to save your favorite construction settings, and then import them into your cutlists automatically with a single-click control button.

General Woodworkers

Build high-quality cabinets just like the pros!  Simply enter a set of "industry standard" construction settings into the "cutlist set-up" screen and import them into all you cutlists.  If you are fairly new to cabinetmaking, you'll quickly create professional cabinets using easy-to-build industry-standard construction techniques.  Contact us and we'll be happy to provide free consultation and recommendations. 

  • Fully Automated Project Lists

Version 7 has new programming with single-click control buttons that automatically compiles the data from all your cutlists into a series of "Project Lists".  For example, if you build a set of kitchen cabinets, CabinetCRUNCHER will automatically gather the data from all your cutlists and produce the following project lists:

  • List of Materials - quickly calculates the total quantity and cost of all the materials in your project

  • List of Cabinet Components - produces an itemized report of all your cabinet components on a single list. 

  • List of Doors, Drawer Fronts and Applied End Panels

  • List of Drawer Boxes and Roll-Out Trays

  • List of Hardware

  • Calculate Project Cost & Produce Professional Proposals/Estimates

If you are a professional cabinetmaker, CabinetCRUNCHER Version 7 Professional will calculate the total cost of your materials and labor using pricing and rates based on your specifications. Version 7 Professional will quickly produce professional customer proposals and estimates using your project data.

  • Change from Imperial (Fractional) to Metric/Decimal Formats

Version 7 enables you to change the program's default settings to display all measurements in either fractional or decimal format.  The decimal format can be adjusted for metric applications using millimeters (0.0) or CNC applications that require a three-decimal (0.000) digital format.

Use CabinetCRUNCHER with CabinetVIEW
Create 3D cabinet construction and installation models!

Learn More...

  • Supports all industry standard cabinet construction requirements for Face Frame and European Frameless cabinet construction including True32 TM and Blum Process 32 TM process standards. For frameless construction, check out the Blum Process 32 TM construction guide.

  • Build individual cabinets or combine various cabinet or bookcase configurations together to build a wide variety of custom kitchen cabinets, islands, vanities, storage & utility cabinets, bookcases, closet organizers, hutches, dressers,  entertainment centers, built-in furniture and many other custom woodworking projects!

  • Extremely versatile with flexibility to customize construction requirements for cabinet cases, bases, back panels, face frames, shelving, applied end panels and more!

  • Calculates the exact size of all your cabinet components

  • Quickly calculates the quantity of all your materials

  • Generates shop-ready assembly and fabrication instructions based on your selected construction specifications

  • For large projects with multiple cabinets, combine an endless quantity of individually customized cabinet cutlists into "Project Lists". Use the power of Excel to sort your data to support your production requirements!


Get Organized, Save Time & Eliminate Costly Mistakes!


Calculating cutlists for custom cabinets can be tricky and time consuming. Miscalculations are often discovered after the components have been cut which results in extra cost and lost productivity. CabinetCRUNCHER is designed to simplify the planning process and eliminate mathematical errors so that you can build your project correctly - the first time!

You'll be surprised how easy it is to create a complete cutlist and list of materials from scratch in minutes! These project planning tools are easy to use and flexible enough to support a wide variety of custom cabinets, doors and drawers.

Within minutes, you will have a complete cutlist that calculates the exact dimensioned size of each component of your project, and a list of materials that will calculate the total quantity of stock you will need.


List of Features 

Extremely Versatile

  • Create custom cutlists for almost any configuration of free-standing base cabinet, wall cabinet or bookcase.
  • Build kitchen cabinets and islands, vanities, storage and utility cabinets, closet organizers, bookcases, built-in furniture, hutches, entertainment centers, dressers and many other custom woodworking projects!
  • Available in Face Frame and European Frameless versions

Supports all Common Construction Techniques and Assembly Requirements

  • Supports all industry standard case construction methods: pocket holes, biscuits, dowels, dadoes
  • A wide variety of back panels installations: flush mounted, dadoed or rabbetted
  • Choose from a variety of cabinet bases including: Extended side panels, pedestal bases, ladder bases and adjustable legs
  • Frameless Version supports True32 construction methods
  • Face Frames can be sized to support all scribe and case mounting requirements

Excellent Cabinet Customization Capability

  • Customize your cabinet by adding applied end panels, mitered or revealed edges and corners, recessed back panels, fixed or removable shelves and more!
  • CabinetCRUNCHER was engineered for custom cabinetmakers who require the flexibility to support a wide range of fabrication requirements

Powerful Material Management Capability

  • Combine cabinet components from multiple cabinets together into "Project Lists".
  • Use the power of Microsoft Excel to sort all of your cabinet components by size, width, length or material type
  • Quickly calculate the quantity of all materials required for your project - determine how many sheets of plywood and board feet of hardwood you will need. You can even calculate the lineal footage and "rip lengths".

Automatic Fabrication and Assembly Notes

  • All cutlists include the critical fabrication and assembly notes to guide you in the shop.
  • Cutlist notes change automatically based on your specifications regarding joinery methods, location and depth of rabbets and dados, face frame scribes and offsets, door & drawer overlays (or insets), shelving requirements, end panel details, requirements for mitered edges and other special features that are required during the fabrication & assembly process  

Very Intuitive and Easy to Use

  • Your entire cutlist is displayed on the screen and is organized with very easy and logical labeling. 
  • Simply select a desired cabinet configuration from the main menu and input your specifications in the yellow highlighted fields.
  • All cutlist spreadsheets include helpful pop-up comments to help you with the details to customize your cabinet to your specifications
  • All cutlists are formatted to print neatly to make it easy to plan the purchase of your materials and guide you in the shop.

Save Time and Eliminate Costly Mistakes

  • Create a complete cutlist and list of materials from scratch in minutes!
  • CabinetCRUNCHER will simplify the planning process and eliminate mathematical errors so that you can build your project correctly - the first time!

Great Value and Affordability

  • CabinetCRUNCHER is a affordable and powerful planning solution that will make your job easy
Minimum System Requirements
  • Requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating Systems or a Mac (Intel based) with Windows virtualization software installed (Boot Camp, Oracle VirtualBox or similar).
  • Must have Microsoft Excel 2002 or later versions installed. For Mac users, you'll need a Windows-based version of Excel that is loaded on the "Windows" OS.
  • Don't have Excel? Find discounted versions!


"I would recommend CabinetCRUNCHER to anyone. What impressed me the most was how easy it is to customize the cabinets the way I build them. I saved far more then the cost on the first job!"...George Heitman, B&G Construction and Millworks


"I'm self employed and have been in business 4 years, I can't believe the time it saves me in planning cabinets for my clients"... Larry M.


"A nice find" ... Jim in Steger, IL

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